Understanding how to engage people in meaningful, sustainable ways is how belief is created

We are a Creative Engagement Agency

LPi Group is an award-winning, independent creative engagement agency.

We are a team of experienced, passionate marketing professionals who provide creative solutions that challenge convention and exceed expectations.

Our culture is built on a foundation of Ownership Thinking – a philosophy that inspires the attitude and actions of every LPi team member to devise solutions that move both our client’s and the agency’s business forward. We are unified by our dedication to delivering work that creates and sustains belief in our clients’ brands, and your belief in us.

Over our 27 years, we have never stopped evolving. Fresh challenges, new mediums, a shifting marketing landscape – we welcome every opportunity to grow and continue to harness the possibilities that come with change.

We look forward to discussing your possibilities.

Meet the People who do the Work

These are the remarkable people that shape our culture and propel the agency forward. Passionate, collaborative and caring individuals – every one focused on creating inspired solutions that exceed expectations.