For nearly four decades, Jayman BUILT has been challenging convention and bringing unparalleled value and innovation to Alberta’s new home market. Committed to building homes that strike a perfect balance of design and function, they are recognized for their leadership and quality year after year.

2018 was set to be their most aggressive sales year to date, and Jayman engaged LPi Group to create a high-powered brand campaign to kick-start the sales season. Additionally, LPi was tasked with developing and deploying a series of high-impact sales tools to drive traffic to Jayman web pages, and ultimately to showhomes in Calgary and Edmonton.

Through an incredible demonstration of client and agency collaboration, in a span of five weeks the campaign was completed, presented to the entire Jayman organization in two cities and launched in a scope that can only be described as massive – across traditional, digital, and out of home channels – the Jayman BUILT brand, and their promise was everywhere.

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    Jayman BUILT

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    Web Development
    Media Planning
    Purchase & Management
    Production Services



The brand campaign was launched with a personalized message from Jayman BUILT Chairman & CEO Jay Westman. Delivered in an animated video, we introduced the positioning of ‘Our Signature Is A Promise’, a declaration of Jayman’s commitment to quality, value, and above all always keeping their word.

Key elements in the brand campaign were new visual brand assets. The first, a ‘Best Price First’ seal that would be used in every ad, installed in showhomes and become a fixture in how Jayman speaks to their pricing strategy.

Second was a visual device known as the ‘ticker’ – a tally of the total number of Jayman homes purchased over their 38-year history. Updated weekly, the tally would reflect the previous weeks new home sales. Accompanying the ticker was an a powerful affirmation of Jayman’s longevity, and a sincere call to action for new home buyers:

26,201 Jayman homes and growing. Join our family.


The campaign quickly pivoted from the Chairman’s message to a series of testimonial videos, featuring Jayman team members from every facet of their business. These videos captured, in their own words, what the positioning of ‘Our Signature Is A Promise’ meant to them, and how they brought to life in their service of Jayman customers every day.

Cut as 30 second and 15 second versions, 15 individual videos appeared across the entire media purchase, as well as a custom campaign landing page that ads would either click directly to or drive traffic to via a provided URL. The videos continue to be featured in Jayman showhomes throughout the province.


An onslaught of media brought the brand campaign to life across Alberta, including television, digital display, newspaper, magazine, and cinema pre-roll. Additionally, a series of online homepage takeovers were featured, including the Calgary Herald, Edmonton Sun, The Weather Network, CBC Home, CBC Regional Home and CBC News Home.

Key media results include:

Over 1.4 Million digital impressions, with the campaign outperforming the industry benchmark click through rate by a wide margin – achieving a CTR of .15% across all deployments.

513 television spots aired in Calgary and Edmonton

8 newspaper insertions in the kick off weekend, including full-page and first-page gatefold

5 Magazine full-page insertions, including New Homes & Condos, New Home Living, Condo Living and Avenue in both Calgary and Edmonton.

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