White Peaks
Hard Steeped Tea


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In an RTD category filled with choices, the concept of a hard steeped tea was an idea above the rest. A peak-down development of the brand, its story and identity was crafted to introduce Canadians to the fun and flavour that White Peaks was bringing to market.

White Peaks - Hard Steeped Tea - Lightly Sweetened
The Source

White Peaks Hard Steeped Tea begins with pure Glacial Meltwater, flowing from high in the Rocky Mountains and heated to the perfect temperature to begin handcrafting a hard tea like no other.

The Steep

Then comes the steeping process, infusing our water with the flavour and natural benefits of the tea. We brew from real tea, focusing on temperature and time of the steep to create an authentic tea taste that we blend with natural fruit flavours and premium alcohol.

White Peak Cans
White Peaks Blueberry
White Peaks Lemon
White Peaks Original
White Peaks Apricot