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The Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) is a non-profit organization that works with Hotels and Lodging providers throughout Alberta, and exists to promote the tourism and hospitality industry. AHLA currently serves approximately 800 built accommodation and campground members, and 250 associate members.

Historically, AHLA produced two publications, Lodging in Alberta and Camping in Alberta which are the essential travellers’ guides to accommodations available in Alberta. Lodging lists over 600 approved hotels and motels and more than 200 alternate accommodations throughout Alberta. Camping lists over 600 campgrounds throughout Alberta. The publications are fully supported and sanctioned by Travel Alberta and Alberta Culture and Tourism.

The Solution

LPi Group partnered with AHLA and offered hassle-free management of both guides from start to finish and took on a whole new approach to the design, production and advertising sales of the two major publications. The listings of locations in both publications were extracted from a website database and reformatted for easy access in print.

LPi Group also instituted an advertising management model, coordinating advertising sales and production of individual ads as required, featuring an attractive, profit-share structure with AHLA. Finally, snippets of tourist information and helpful tips were added within designated regions to increase the attractiveness of the publications.