Labelling a Brand

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Execution


Recognizing that a refresh was needed to stay ahead of the competition, Nestea engaged LPi to design a new look for their “NESTEA cool” product line.
It was very important to visually distinguish itself from base brand NESTEA, and most importantly communicate the product benefit of refreshment.

The Solution

As a male youth-oriented product, LPi recognized NESTEA cool had to fit into our consumers’ world, and act as a badge they could wear proudly.
We drew inspiration from several sources such as clothing and fashion accessories, then integrated elements from youth environments into the label and logo design.

An energetic, bold, modern, and easy-to-read design that visually represents the product benefits of cooling and refreshment.
It is original, stands out on shelf, and modernizes the product to guarantee its popularity for years to come.

Nestea Execution 1
Nestea Execution 2
Nestea Execution 3